Nandana Vana

Significance of Nandana Vana:

  • Lord Indra's garden in the heaven is called nandanavanam. The description of this is given by several poets and writers during various instances.
  • Mangalastakam : Kalidasa wrote about these 10 trees and mentions that these are all
    -flower bearing
    -fruit bearing.


  • The presence of these trees brings happiness and prosperity to the whole world.


S.No Botanical name Common name
1. Ficus religiosa Peepal
2. Ficus bengalensis Banyan
3. Santalum album Sandal wood
4. Bauhinia purpurea Indian orchid
5. Adansonia digitata Kalpvriksh
6. Syzygium jambulanum Jamoon
7. Azardirachta indica Neem
8. Anthocephalus cadaba Kadamb
9. Mangifera indica Mango
10. Pinus longifolia Pine

Syzigium Cumini - Black plum:

  • Parts used - Bark,leaves,fruits
  • Uses - Hypoglycemia, Diabetes, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Indigestion, Enlarged spleen, Controlling B.P.