Significance of Ashoka Vana:

  • This tree is mentioned in ‘The Ramayana’. This is the one under which Sita Devi spent one year while she is in Lanka. That garden is called ‘Ashokavanam’.
    A-soka = No-sorrow
  • Actually Sita used to meditate under this tree. She is a woman with very strong will power and deeply believed that Lord Rama will surely one day defeat Ravana and rescue her which ultimately happens.
  • As depicted in movies she never used to weep like a regular, common women. So this tree plays a very important role in bringing solace to her during such tough situation.


  • Plantation of these trees gives protection from evil forces.
  • Brings in peace and prosperity.
  • Abundant happiness prevails in their surrounding areas.
  • Good health , balanced state of mind and clarity in thinking automatically descend down.
  • You come out of disastrous situations safely and happily.


S. NoBotanical NameCommon Name
1Saraca indicaSita ashoka
2Pinus longifoliaPine
3Ficus religiosaPeepal
4Mimusops elengiBakul
5Michelia champakaChampa
6Emblica officionalisAmla
7Dalbergia sissoIndian Red Wood
8Mesua ferreaNaga Champa
9Anthocephalus cadabaKadamb
10Ficus glomerataFig
11Shorea robustaSaal
12Santalum albumSandal Wood
13Nerium odorum
14Butea monospermaFlame Of Forest
15Artocarpus heterophyllusJack
16Flacourtia montana
17Piper LongumLong Pepper
18Phoenix paludosaDate Palm
19Borassus flabelliferPalm
20Calophullum inophyllum
21Alangium lamarki
22Diaspyros melanoxylon
23Origanum marjorana
24Pterospermum aserifolium
25Syzygium caryophyllataClove
26Saccharum officinarumSugarcane
27Cassia fistulaGolden Shower
28Strychnos potatorum
29Mangifera indicaMango
30Calamus rotang
31Pandanus odoratissimusMogra
32Jasminum pubescensJasmine
33Stereospermum suavolens
34Cinnamomum zeylanicum
35Artocarpus lakoocha
36Barleria priontis
37Holarrhena antidysentrica
38Symplocos racemosa
39Feronia elephantumElephant apple
40Cordia myxa
41Luvanga scandens
42Ougenia dabergiodes

Ocimum kilimandscharicum – Camphor basil:

  • Parts used – Bark, root, fruit
  • Uses – Skin infections, Wounds, Burns, Indigestion, Athlete’s foot, Leprosy, Rheumatism (severe pains in muscles and joints), Cardiotonic, Drug addiction.
1) Ficus religiosa – Peepal tree.