Religion has been an important influence on garden design. Many places were sacred in Vedic India and continue to be so in modern Hindu worship. Temple Gardens were made in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Sacred groves were made in Ancient Greece & Rome.

Sacred trees were important in Celtic and Germanic Europe. Buddhism had a significant influence on garden design, with the Zen gardens of China and Japan as famous examples.

In Christianity, particularly Catholicism and Anglicanism, Mary gardens are common among churches and institutions. The practice of creating sacred gardens is picking up and adapted for modern times.

We at Vedic Vanas sincerely understand that gardens are places where one renews the senses and reconnects the spirit to the natural world.

Also, we do not adhere to specific belief system or sentiments, but choose to discuss and comprehend individual client requirements, to transform ones work place into a stress free sanctuary.

About Veni Madhavi

Veni Madhavi is a naturalist, landscape designer, biologist, speaker, professor, contributor to print and digital magazines.

She earned many accolades for her work in Pyramid Valley and Art of Living, bangalore.