To create prosperous and sustainable landscapes for wellness of nature, creatures and humans.


Create awareness regarding traditional and indigenous plants.
Develop holistic, wellness gardens through theme based and healthy garden practices.
Bring back the ancient culture and wisdom mentioned in our scriptures regarding environment, ecology and nature.

Simply put, a tree once planted will bestow wellness and prosperity for generations to come.

Ancient Hindu texts present complicated scientific facts through stories and allegories that people remember easily. A lot of these practical facts have been forgotten in use and the stories remembered by a few. Vedic Vanas brings back to life not just these stories but also presents a host of practical scientific facts related to our indigenous flora. Belief systems may differ, but the goal/struggle to achieve wellness and spiritual peace remains common to all. These things may be achieved by just being in the presence of nature in abundance or through the labour of tending a garden as a spiritual experience.

We help set up sustainable holistic gardens/groves in whatever space that one may be interested in developing, be it in a residential area, among office blocks, at places of worship or other public spaces that are otherwise congested concrete jungles. These green spaces not only serve as a respite from the stresses of life but also as a source of holistic wellness and a residence for little creatures like birds, insects, etc.; thus establishing a self–sustaining sphere of life.

Vedic Vanas is a passion born out of a keen interest in botany as a subject and a desire to help others reap the benefits of the plant kingdom existing all around us and right at our doorstep. The beneficial properties of our indigenous flora need not remain mysteriously sacred, but a tangible source of wellness, prosperity and peace.

Do explore the types of gardens that we can help develop.

About Veni Madhavi

I’m a Botanist by qualification (with specialization in Biodiversity and medicinal plants and expertise in plant identification), a passionate environment enthusiast and been doing freelance research regarding sacred and divine plants from our Vedas, Puranas, religious scriptures since a decade and more. Presently pursuing my PhD (Botany) in Hyderabad.
After working for a brief period (in school and college) I’ve been writing for religious magazines, newspapers, sovereigns etc. for over 16 years and took part in International conferences, TV, radio shows, workshops and gave guest lectures and seminars.
Being into field work I developed divine gardens in several acres of land in and around Benguluru and Hyderabad. Also provided online guidance to several projects across India.