Significance of Birds Paradise:

  • Birds are one of the most amazing creatures in nature which can fly. They start off their day with a morning raga and complete with a lullaby. Each bird has its own specialized skills, behavior, food, nesting habits & parental care etc. Watching them is a great fun and can be developed into a hobby too.


  • They make the place very lively and happening with their flying around, chirping, weaving designer nests, feeding & training the young ones etc.
  • They play a crucial role in the food pyramid.
  • They check on the insect population, in turn protecting the crops and plants in their vicinity.
  • Creating a garden which supports them would be a much nobler thing where several varieties are at the brink of extinction.

Suitable Places:

  • Schools.
  • Colleges.
  • Corporates.
  • Ashrams.
  • Existing Gardens.
  • Residential Areas.
  • Terraces etc.