Significance of Brinda Vana:

  • [“BRINDA’ – Group, “VANAM” – Garden]
  • Medicinal : All these plants are used in ayurvedic preperations. Even the dried plant is used in Yagnas and homas.
  • Spiritual : Signified Devotion – modestly it gives itself without seeking for anything in return.
    Only two varieties of Tulsi are very much popular, but there are few more other varieties.


  • All the Tulsi varieties in general posses the following qualities:
    – Relieves from STRESS.
    – Purifies air( ANTI-POLLUTANT).
    – Gives out oxygen 24 hours.
    – Detoxifies.
    – Cures skin diseases.
    – Good for hair.
    – Good for teeth and digestion too.


S NOBotanical NameCommon Name
1Ocimum sanctumKrishna Tulsi
2Ocimum gratissimumRama Tulsi, Nimma tulsi
3Ocimum tenuiflorumVishnu Tulasi
4Ocimum kilimandscharicumKarpura Tulsi
5Ocimum basilicumVibhudhi/Bhoo Tulsi, Kamakasturi, Rudra-jada, Sabja
6Ocimum americanumVana/Aranya Tulsi, Kuppa/Kukka tulsi

Ocimum kilimandscharicum – Camphor basil:

  • Parts used – Leaves
  • Uses – Cough, Bronchitis, Catarrh (inflammation of mucus membrane), Halitosis (offensive odour of the breath), Bacterial & viral infections, Foul ulcers, Wounds, Anorexia (loss of appetite for food), Opthalmapathy (any disease of eye).