Significance of Nandana Vana:

  • Lord Indra’s garden in the heaven is called nandanavanam. The description of this is given by several poets and writers during various instances.
  • Mangalastakam : Kalidasa wrote about these 10 trees and mentions that these are all
    -flower bearing
    -fruit bearing.


  • The presence of these trees brings happiness and prosperity to the whole world.
S NoBotanical NameCommon Name
1Ficus religiosaPeepal
2Ficus bengalensisBanyan
3Santalum albumSandal wood
4Bauhinia purpureaIndian orchid
5Adansonia digitataKalpvriksh
6Syzygium jambulanumJamoon
7Azardirachta indicaNeem
8Anthocephalus cadabaKadamb
9Mangifera indicaMango
10Pinus longifoliaPine

Syzigium Cumini – Black plum:

  • Parts used – Bark,leaves,fruits
  • Uses – Hypoglycemia, Diabetes, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Indigestion, Enlarged spleen, Controlling B.P.