Significance of Santana Vana:

  • [ ‘SANTANA’-Children, ‘VANAM’-Garden]
  • Since ancient times till date people plant peepal and neem trees of equal age close by to each other get them married and used to build a circular raised floor around them.Beneath them rock idols of snake pairs called Nagabandham used to be established.
    Of these two trees peepal is the female and neem is the male tree. Though peepal is considered as female tree it is said that Lord Vishnu resides in this. The age of neem tree can be a little more.
    Because of these reasons these two trees together are refered to as Santhanavanam.


  • Childless women go around both these trees to get conceived.
  • The breeze of these both trees is having healing effect for both men and women .The uterine and ovarian disorders are rectified in women while in men there will be a drastic improvement in spermcount levels.


S. NoBotanical NameCommon Name
1Ficus religiosaPeepal
2Azardirachta indicaNeem

Azardirachta indica – Neem:

  • Parts used – bark, leaves, flowers, seeds, oil
  • Uses – Bronchitis, Diabetes, Haemorrhoids, Skin diseases, Leucoderma, Eczema, Ulcers, Tumors, Syphilis, Intestinal worms, Insecticide, Antiseptic, Dandruff, Contraception.